About Us

At Wonder Makers we live our mission. The team at Wonder Makers cares about people and how the environment impacts our lives. By solving indoor environmental problems we impact people's lives for the better. To this end, our company’s focus has been on improving conditions inside buildings since 1988.

Traditionally this has involved the inspection, assessment and control of hazardous contaminants such as asbestos, lead, chemicals, radon, mold, and multi-faceted situations that fall under the heading of indoor air quality (IAQ). Wonder Makers Environmental provides the expertise to evaluate the conditions, conduct risk assessments, and develop recommendations and/or specific work plans for control of the hazards. Our organization does not conduct remediation of hazardous materials, although building owners often benefit by having Wonder Makers staff on site with the contractors to ensure that the work is conducted properly and is fully documented to protect the owners.


Mission Statement

To serve God and our society by helping people solve environmental, health, and safety problems.

To implement this mission the team at Wonder Makers Environmental follows basic company principles:

  1. Honesty in all dealings with all people.
  2. Integration of technical excellence and common sense into all of our decisions.
  3. Appropriate utilization of natural resources, client expenditures, and company property.
  4. Continuous development of a professional reputation through team members' conduct, language, and appearance.
  5. Pricing of products and services to provide excellent value and maintain the profitability required to meet obligations, generously compensate employees, and support worthy non-profit activities.


  • Phoenix Award with Integrated Team, Restoration Industry Association, 2012
  • Martin L. King Award, Restoration Industry Association, 2010
  • President's Award, Environmental Information Association, 2003  
  • Golden Quill Award, Cleaning and Restoration Magazine, 2001