Covid-19 Resources

HVAC Enhancements to Address Covid-19 (October 2020)  
This paper prepared by Wonder Makers in conjunction with Mathias Environmental offers a lay person’s introduction to the many systems being advertised to help combat viral load in HVAC systems.

How to Manage Indoor Air Quality Amid Covid-19 (R&R Magazine October 2020)
This article offers a look at how HVAC systems can impact the indoor spread of viral droplets. We believe that it is a solid starting point for someone interested in learning how to manage their indoor air to reduce the spread of disease.

The Covid-19 Pandemic -  A Report for Professional Cleaning Restoration Contractors, 5th Edition (October 2020)
This document is produced in collaboration with the leading minds of the IICRC and RIA to offer guidance for restoration contractors regarding how to effectively meet the needs of cleaning and disinfecting for pandemic response. These skills will assist restoration contractors to help others reopen safely while protecting their workers.

Summary Chart of A Report for Professional Cleaning Restoration Contractors
For those who want a simple overview of the material covered in depth by the 11 pages of the main body of the paper here is the summary chart found at the end of the main document.

Covid-19 Webinar

Covid-19 Training Webinar - Click here
Free training provided to the public by Wonder Makers environmental for safety and awareness of the COVID-19 virus. This hour-long webinar provides an introduction to topics ranging from viral transmission risks to best cleaning practices.

Covid-19 Training Certificate
This paid testing and certificate is provided to test the retention of those who watch the COVID webinar we provide. For a small fee, this test can provide an organization or individual with documentation of completion of awareness training for the risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Link to purchase training certificate: