Cleaning for a Healthy Environment

Many restoration contractors offer a variety of services like smoke and soot clean-up, black water decontamination, mold remediation, duct cleaning, and carpet/upholstery cleaning. These activities, while important individually, can be made even more valuable if contractors look at the big picture of how combined services can be used to assist property owners with a myriad of problems. 

 Practical examples will be offered on how cleaning and restoration companies have found new market niches and expanded their emergency services capabilities by using the concepts of Cleaning for Health.  Whether it is specialized cleaning in a school after a MRSA outbreak, disinfecting a hospitality facility during an influenza epidemic, assistance to a medical facility with general infection control, or cleaning a residence for allergen reduction, cleaning and restoration contractors can be on the leading edge of the next wave overtaking the restoration industry.  

Because of the wide range of information available, and the different levels of familiarity that companies have with this subject, we can also tailor the presentation to match the needs of your organization.  For example, we have presented marketing/training programs as short as one hour to help knowledgeable restoration contractors inform their clients of the availability and need for these types of services.  We have also developed a jam-packed eight hour training program for organizations that need to get up to speed on these issues in a hurry. Here are some suggested options:

  1. An eight hour class at your facility for all of your staff
  2. An eight hour class at our Kalamazoo, Michigan facility
  3. A two hour on-line seminar (Includes a copy of the detailed Infection Control Work Procedure document which can be customized to the company’s specific needs.  Call us for quantity discounts for more than four call-ins on the same seminar.)
  4. Infection Control Work Procedures document (as described above) or customized for your operation and services

The eight hour Cleaning for a Healthy Environment class is accepted by the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) for 6.25 continuing education credits and a certificate is available from RIA, and 1 credit from IICRC.