ICRA Training Refresher for Remediation Contractors

Basics of Infection Control for Restoration Contractors Working in Health Facilities. 

This class was designed to meet the emerging requirement that all contractors working in healthcare facilities be trained in infection control risk assessment [ICRA] procedures. This requirement is being pressed by the agencies that accredit healthcare facilities such as the Joint Commission. So, although it is not a regulatory mandate like an OSHA standard, it is a requirement that hospitals are starting to request from their vendors or potential vendors on a much more regular basis. Having a certificate that shows that all of your technicians who will be involved in water loss or other emergency responses will probably soon be necessary for you to maintain a pre-emergency service agreement or to bid on work in medical facilities.

Our class focuses on the specific nuts and bolts that the estimators, supervisors, and technicians must be knowledgeable of so that they can integrate their emergency response services with the facility’s infection control plan. It is also important to note that the ICRA training program was designed as two complimentary modules. Although both of the modules utilize classroom and group training formats, the four hour introductory module incorporates the core concepts from restoration (fire, flood, mold, etc.) into the language and processes of the healthcare community.

The afternoon module is a combination of lecture and hands-on activities that reinforces the proper work practices related to isolation, set-up of engineering controls, detailed cleaning, quality control, etc.  This means that individuals or that have substantial expertise in setting up isolation barriers, installing negative pressure engineering controls, and completed detailed cleaning for other types of projects, such as mold remediation, could focus their efforts on the first session rather than spend an additional half-day in redundant training.

All of our training classes are available here in Kalamazoo at the Wonder Makers facility or at a location of your choosing.

I had the pleasure of working with Wonder Makers Environmental. We are a Mechanical Contractor located in Texas that were required to get our employees certified in ICRA training for a local hospital project. About 80% of our work volume is related to Health Care Facilities. I am very familiar with ICRA but have never been certified. I made one call to Wonder Makers Environmental and they took the led to meet our needs and requirements. Mr. Michael Pinto is one of the best instructors that I have been associated with involving different types of training. The class was structured for those employees that knew a lot about ICRA to those employees that knew very little about ICRA. We all learned a great deal from this training and would highly recommend anyone to use the services of Wonder Makers Environmental.

Allan Bruns
Vice President
Bruns & McDonald, Inc. Mechanical Contractor