Lead RRP Certification

Renovation, Repair and Painting Training

In April 2010 new rules developed by the EPA went into effect for contractors that disturb painted surfaces in buildings constructed prior to 1978, in facilities that can be occupied by children under the age of six, such as child care facilities, or where there is a pregnant woman.  Every firm or individual performing this type of work will be required to have at least one representative who has attended the 8 hour Certified Renovator course conducted by an EPA certified firm. The Certified Renovator is responsible for ensuring workers are trained in approved work practices. They must also provide their clients and/or tenants with a copy of the EPA "Renovate Right" brochure prior to starting work. These Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) regulations require contractors to:

  1. Become certified lead renovators
  2. Check the different paint films to determine if they contain lead
  3. Utilize specific types of engineering controls and work practices to minimize dust
  4. Perform specific cleaning tasks and test their work areas

Who Needs the Certification?

Each work crew is required to be trained in safe work practices at the beginning of each job by a Certified Renovator who has attended the eight-hour RRP class.  The Certified Renovator must be on site during the set-up and tear down of containments and during the cleaning verification process. The Certified Renovator must be available to return to the job site within two hours and be available at all times by phone or radio. If work is performed at facilities that receive federal funding such as Section 8 housing, housing authorities or federally funded hospitals, then all workers must be Certified Renovators OR the Certified Renovator must also have a 40 hour Lead Supervisor training card.

How Many Certified Renovators Will a Company Need?

Each contractor will need to make a determination as to how many Certified Renovators they will need to meet the requirements of the regulations. The Certified Renovator is responsible for training their crews which can take approximately four hours. The Certified Renovator must be on-site at the project set-up, tear down and during cleaning verification and be available by phone.

Class Description

This eight-hour class was developed by the U.S. EPA and it is designed to train contractors who perform building renovations or repairs and painting how to work safely in housing with lead-based paint and comply with EPA's Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule and HUD's Lead Safe Housing Rule.  The course includes health concerns, regulations, work procedures, recordkeeping, and training non-certified workers.

This class includes lecture and hands-on training and student photo I.D.'s certifying that the student has successfully completed eight-hours of training by an EPA certified instructor. It also is accepted by the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) for 6.75 continuing education credits.

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We cannot say enough good things about the great presentation that Wonder Makers Environmental  put together for this seminar.
EPA / HUD regulations are important and we all recognize that. Sitting in  a classroom for an 8 hour plus presentation over mostly textbook type materials  can make for a very long day. However, Wonder Makers kept the classes interesting and informative . They were very well versed on the regulations and the practical applications for them.
Michael Pinto and his staff did a wonderful job with the  seminar. Our attendees commented that it was one of the best seminars that they have attended.
Thanks again for making this seminar available to us.

Ray Walker
Walker Construction