Cleaning Up Illicit Drug Laboratories

Course Description: Anyone who follows the news knows that the US is in the midst of an illegal drug epidemic.  Prescription pain pills, heroin, meth, and fentanyl are being produced, cut and packaged, and consumed in residential and commercial spaces leaving dangerous residue behind that needs to be cleaned. The Illicit Drug Clean-up course is designed to provide the latest information to keep professional remediation contractors up to date on how to return properties to a livable condition while protecting the health of their team members. Since this course is designed to provide specific “bolt-on” information to experienced restoration contractors it is only one day in length rather than the typical three day class. As such, attendees are expected to be well acquainted with the concepts of isolation, negative pressure engineering controls, detailed cleaning, and proper use of personal protective equipment.

Note: Due to the format and length of training this class may not meet the regulatory requirements of various states for certification purposes.

Course Topics:

  • Background information on illicit drugs including the latest science regarding the dangers of  meth, heroin, and fentanyl
  • Health effects of potential worker exposure
  • Using basic chemistry to make clean-up more efficient
  • Overview of federal, state, and local rules/regulation
  • Clean-up to address condemnation procedures
  • Preliminary assessment
  • Decontamination procedures
  • Set up and engineering controls
  • Work practices including removal of impacted materials, cleaning surfaces, bake-out/ventilation, and waste
  •  Evaluation of various chemical neutralization processes
  • Dealing with plumbing systems 
  • Post clean-up levels of residue

Continuing education credits: RIA - 6.5 credits; IICRC-1