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Wonder Makers Environmental offers a variety of classes that build on the concept of Cleaning for Health. Basics of Infection Control, Cleaning for a Healthy Environment, and specialized classes as requested can all be adjusted to fit the experience level of the participants. The courses can be offered as 4-hour seminars, or 1- or 2-day classes. Information is provided related to viral, bacterial, and fungal infectious agents, infection control protocols, work techniques, and supplies and equipment that help contractors adapt to specialized needs. Your facility or ours.


Mold Science, Medical and Legal Information – Connecting the Dots

  • There is critical information that will ripple through the mold industry as recent advances in medical science makes the connection between exposure to contaminants in damp buildings and disease. These scientific advancements will impact mold-related lawsuits as courts again start looking at evidence that ties fungal and bacterial contaminant exposure to a variety of serious ailments. The re-introduction of the personal injury component to mold lawsuits is going to have dramatic and far-reaching consequences for the entire industry.
  •  The primary relevance of this course is that it provides a summary of new information that has emerged from a variety of sources over the past 18 months and links it to past documents.  The instructor points out where the new information supports or contrasts with previous documents considered authoritative in the mold remediation field. Although the seminar is supported by detailed technical material it is presented in a fashion that makes the information understandable to industry professionals and lay people.

Build Broader Markets from Specialized Skills

  • With nearly twenty years experience as consultants in the remediation and restoration field, Wonder Makers can help contractors succeed by a showing them how to Build Broader Markets From Specialized Skills. The discussion helps explain how industry and society trends influence specific segments of the remediation industry. It provides a logical format for contractors to examine the various aspects of cleaning and restoration
    (everything from basic janitorial services to hazardous material clean up) and determine where their skill sets best match up with existing or emerging markets.
  • Continuing education credits: RIA-6.5; IICRC-1


Post Remediation Sampling for Contractors

  • Useful and defensible analytical data is the end result of a properly implemented chain of activities. Understanding the questions that you want answered, choosing the right sampling equipment and analytical techniques, collecting and handling samples properly, being aware of laboratory variability and certifications, and having an appropriate endpoint to compare your results to are all critical steps for any contractor or hygienist using samples to assist with a remediation or restoration project.
  • The primary focus of this course and the concepts discussed apply to a wide variety of situations encountered by cleaning and restoration contractors including asbestos, lead paint, infection control, sewage losses, etc. While it is necessary to understand the theoretical underpinnings of sampling techniques, this course is geared to the practitioner. As such, information and recommendations are synthesized into a layman's guide for collecting, documenting, and understanding samples to improve restoration activities.
  • Continuing education credits: IICRC-1

Conducting Effective Indoor Air Quality Investigations

  • Both consultants and contractors can benefit from this course. This three-day presentation provides attendees with a broad knowledge base and a definitive approach to IAQ investigations. It helps them understand the scope of investigations, evaluate ventilation concerns, chemical contaminants, biological problems and environmental parameters such as temperature and light inside buildings. Participants learn about the basics of building and HVAC systems and differences in bioaerosol sampling techniques. Critical information is presented regarding processes for proper documentation, drawing conclusions, and techniques for communicating information gathered from IAQ investigations without creating panic.
  • Continuing education credits: RIA-6.5 credits; IICRC-1


Cleaning and Infection Control Efforts in an Age of MRSA

  • The job of cleaning and infection control professionals is constantly changing as new threats to occupant health emerge. Join us and learn practical approaches to improving cleaning procedures to efficiently bolster infection control.
  • Continuing education credits: IICRC-1

Customized Presentations

Our knowledgeable instructors can personalize presentations for your group. Call 888-382-4154 to discuss customized presentations at your facility.

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The Build Broader Markets class was an eye opener for me. The class will help keep us on the cutting edge of our industry. It is much better to lead than follow.

Phillip Currier
Chenal Restoration DKI