Mold Training

The Mold Remediation Technician (MRT) and Mold Remediation Supervisor (MRS) courses are the RIA approved pre-requisite courses for those pursuing their advanced certification, the Certified Mold Professional (CMP). Those pursuing advanced certifications are encouraged to obtain detailed information on the RIA certification of interest to them, including the certification process and specific Applications for Candidacy. Please visit and click on the certification button.

The legal and certification landscape is constantly changing. Call Wonder Makers to learn if there are special training requirements or certifications for your state. Wonder Makers will work with you to help determine your state requirements. We are accredited to teach in the state-specific programs in Virginia and Louisiana. We offer in-house training in your facility to make it even more convenient.


Mold Remediation Technician

  • Technician course consists of three days of training focused on teaching individuals how to set up various mold remediation projects and how to accomplish the specific removal and cleaning tasks associated with such projects. The course includes classroom discussion and hands-on activities. The Fungal Contamination textbook is included in the class registration.
  • Continuing education credits: RIA-17.25; IICRC-2; NADCA-4 credits
  • This is a pre-requisite for the Mold Remediation Supervisor Class & the Certified Mold Professional Class.
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  • IAQA members are eligible for a $100 discount. Call 269-382-4154 to register.


Mold Remediation Supervisor

  • This 2-day course focuses on why we choose certain variations of the requirements for various projects and when we do them. The focus is the project supervisor who must have skills in choosing from a variety of techniques and requirements to best suit a particular project. The course draws heavily on case studies and thinking exercises as well as group dynamics and integration of cost factors into mold remediation. The heaviest emphasis is on risk assessment, selection of containment and decontamination unit options, communication of information to technicians and clients, and a deeper understanding of the various standards of care in the industry. The Mold Remediation Technician course is a prerequisite.
  • Continuing education credits: RIA-11.75; IICRC-2; NADCA-4 credits
  • Prerequisite for this class: Mold Remediation Technician Class.
  • This is a prerequisite for the Certified Mold Professional Class.
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Certified Mold Professional

  • This 3-day advanced course focuses on identifying what is impacting the interior of a building and which general cleaning approaches would be appropriate for improving the indoor environment.
  • Continuing education credits: RIA-16.5; IICRC-2; NADCA-4 credits
  • Prerequisites: Mold Remediation Technician & Mold Remediation Supervisor Classes.
  • RIA 2018 CMP Information 


Mold Refresher

  • Fungal remediation practices and guidelines have changed dramatically in the past year. This one day mold refresher course is designed to provide remediators, consultants, inspectors, and property managers with the latest information on:
  • Standards and guidelines promulgated at the national and state levels
  • Health effects and potential connection between mold and illnesses
  • Engineering controls to improve efficiency when isolating and removing mold contamination
  • Efficient methods for dealing with complex remediation problems such as crawlspaces, vaulted ceilings, contents, etc.
  • Pro-active management of the project through quality control efforts including post-remediation evaluation techniques
  • This lively course also is structured to allow the students' experience with difficult projects to serve as a launching point for the discussions and hands-on exercises.
  • Continuing education credits: RIA-6.25; IICRC-1
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Mold Inspector

  • If individuals are focusing on inspecting and managing mold projects rather than conducting the actual remediation, the Mold Inspection for the Indoor Environment Professional course is the initial training. The focus of this two-day course is on procedures for site investigation, development of sampling schemes, identification and quantification of visible and hidden mold, evaluation of set-up and engineering controls, and post-remediation evaluation protocol.
  • Continuing education credits: RIA-13.25; IICRC-1


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"Thank you all so much for a great week that will help our company and team members"

Ben, Gail, Christopher and the Buffalo Herd in Bozeman

Buffalo Restoration


I wanted to send you a note to thank you for the MRT class that I attended April 10 – 12. It was a pleasure learning from one of the experts in the field and I look forward to taking what I learned to improve our company and myself.

I also wanted to thank you and your staff for the hospitality that was shown during our class.  

John Ingoglia
Vice President of Operations

Jarvis Property Restoration


Please express our thanks and gratitude for the training last week.  The home-cooked meatballs and hamburgers were really great touch!  We hosted a CEC (continuing educational class) on Mold yesterday with over 50 participants.  I was able to assist the instructor on several things just learned from the class we attended.  We had agents, adjusters, and property managers who were thrilled with the information provided.  There really is a growing hunger for good educational information on this topic. The training has been beneficial in building credibility for our company when helping homeowners and business owners with mold issues.

Miles McKelvey, Branch Manager
Menold Construction & Restoration


I want to thank you for everything. I had a wonderful experience.  I can't stop talking to everyone in the company of the education I have gained from regulations to safety to proper policy and procedures. I hope that one day I can implement at least one thing that I have learned from your class to help make a difference in company.

Moe Safi
American Fire Restoration, LLC


The class was great!!  Michael was a great speaker and worked through the challenges with humor and kept everyone's interest.  We very much appreciate you both being able to accommodate us.

Gus Timbers
Director of Finance & Operations
Platinum Restoration