Mold Class Resources

01. NYC Mold Guidelines 2008

02. Best Loss Control LCM Restoration Firms

03. Best Underwriting Guide BUG Restoration Firms

04. CDC Acute Idiopathic Pulmonary Hemorrhage in Infants

05. Abstract of Update on Infant Pulmonary Hemosiderosis

06. NYC Mold Guidelines 2000

07. Haunted By Mold Ballard Article NYT 2001

08. ACOEM Mold Statement 02.11

09. Amid Suits Over Mold Experts Wear Two Hats

10. ACOEM and Mold 06.11

11. Summary of IOM Findings on Damp Spaces and Health

12. Mold Prevention Strategies and Possible Health Effects

13.WHO Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality

14. Indoor Mold Poses Key Asthma Risk for Babies

15. Mold Exposure Increases Kids Risk of Asthma

16. Molds, Mycotoxins are More Prevelant than Anticipated

17. NIOSH Field Studies on Dampness & Mold

18. Jack Thrasher a Family Affected by Mold

19. Shoemaker Mold Health

20. Medical Evidence Connects Mold Exp to Illness

21. Translating Scientific Reports into Usable Information

22. The Answer to the Mold Illness Question

23. California Statement on Mold 09.11

24. NIOSH Alert Preventing Occupational Respitory Disease

25. CDC Studying Deadly Fungus After Joplin

26. Toxic Schools - Could Mold Be the Reason Your Child is Sick

27. Better Science Means More Toxic Mold Lawsuits

28. Mycotoxins and WHO 2009 Abstract

29. Reversibility of Neurobehavioral Dysfunction 2011

30. Recommendations for Detection and Remediation

31. Indoor Water and Mold Damage - German Investigation

32. American BAR Assoc Summary of NY Appeals Ct Case

33. Victoria's Secret Model Sues Chelsea Condo

34. Woman Sues Hotel Claiming Toxic Mold Made Her Sick

35. Alton Homeowners Claim Sellers Failed to Disclose

36. Toxic Mold Inhalation Leads to Suit

37. Toxic Mold IAQ Lawsuits on the Rise

38. Tenants Rights View of Mold

39. Three Critical Components of Fungal Remediation

40. Chemical Treatments not Effective

41. Mayo Study 96 Percent Sinus Infections

42. What is the True Cost of Mold

43. Germ Culprits in Moldy Water Damaged Buildings

44. Are All Black Molds Harmful

45. Cancer Tumors Thought to be Caused by Mold

46. Finnish Mold

47. Legal Headaches Long After Storm Leaves

48. ASHRAE Position Limiting Indoor Mold

49. Remediation of Building Materials - Excerpt

50. Mold Remediation According to Standard of Care

51.11.12 Link Found Between Mold & Chronic Disease

52. Abstract - Sandy Solution Presentation

53. Sandy Solution FRG Conference