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Mold Remediation Supervisor

Event Start Date: 9/16/2020

Event End Date: 9/17/2020

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  • This 2-day course focuses on why we choose certain variations of the requirements for various projects and when we do them. The focus is the project supervisor who must have skills in choosing from a variety of techniques and requirements to best suit a particular project. The course draws heavily on case studies and thinking exercises as well as group dynamics and integration of cost factors into mold remediation. The heaviest emphasis is on risk assessment, selection of containment and decontamination unit options, communication of information to technicians and clients, and a deeper understanding of the various standards of care in the industry. The Mold Remediation Technician course is a prerequisite.
  • Continuing education credits: RIA-11.75; IICRC-2; NADCA-4 credits
  • Pre-requisite for this class: Mold Remediation Technician Class.
  • This is a pre-requisite for the Certified Mold Professional Class.
  • Additional cost: $50 certificate fee (Restoration Industry Association)

Location: Fountain Valley, California

Cost per place: $695.00

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Fountain Valley, CA

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 Nine Part Webinar series sponsored by Esporta Wash Systems
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 Mold Remediation Contractor
The State of New York has approved Wonder Makers as a provider for their Mold Remediation Contractor course. Click here for more information for this state-specific course.

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$350 plus $25 certificate fee
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Post Remediation Evaluation: Basics of Fungal Sampling for the Remediation Contractor

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Meth Lab Clean-up
$350 plus $25 certificate fee

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RR&P Renovator Training (RRP--Lead)
$350 (includes certificate with EPA certification number)

To be announced
Mold Inspector
$650 plus $50 certificate from the Restoration Industry Association
To be announced

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