Forensic Restoration Training

This structured three-day course is the first one to utilize the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) Forensic Guidelines as the core of the training information. The jam packed schedule is heavy on hands-on training and provides participants with the OSHA required respirator fit test and Bloodborne Pathogen certificates that are legal necessities for work in this industry.

Topics and activities included in this course: an overview of the RIA Forensic Guideline, bloodborne pathogens, PPE with fit test, pre-project organization, site assessment and set-up of decons, work practices, chemicals, waste, post-project evaluation and more.

The training is specific to your organization and location.By conducting the training onsite with your equipment, the crew members are “ready to go” as soon as the class is finished because they have practiced with the actual materials that they will be using in critical situations. The value of these repetitions with the “weapons of forensic warfare” that they will use in the field is one of the many items that sets this training apart.

For organizations that are new to the industry we offer assistance prior to class in assembling the necessary equipment and supplies to be able to safely perform forensic restoration activities at all four risk levels.