Helping you find solutions for your unique situation

You have concerns about mold in your home. Wonder Makers has worked with people across the country whose health is impacted by contaminants in their residences or other buildings. That is why we offer a Case Evaluation to help you identify your specific problems, sort through available options, and develop a plan for dealing with your unique situation.

You may send us background information, if available, to review prior to the discussion We then schedule a telephone consultation to discuss your concerns. Our trained team will help you develop a clear and logical plan of action to resolve the issues in your home, making it a refuge for you and your family so that you can heal.

Call Wonder Makers at 888-382-4154  Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EDT.

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Why Choose Wonder Makers?

Wonder Makers was founded over 25 years ago to provide common sense solutions to problems stemming from indoor contaminants. Our specific expertise in mold led us to develop the first textbook on fungal contamination/remediation. Our team has conducted mold-related inspections across North America and has authored over 200 published articles - most written for the layperson. We pioneered the process of homeowner collection of professional mold samples and have interpreted the results from over 10,000 tests. We are dedicated to focusing this extensive knowledge and experience on finding practical resolutions to your concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a case evaluation?

A case evaluation is a process to help you prioritize steps that will improve your residence and give you a safe and healthy environment in which to recuperate from your sensitivities to mold.
First, we review the background information that you provide (see Document Review above). Then there is a telephone consultation so that we can help you clarify the next steps. Many times homeowners need to assemble a team to help them with this process. The team may consist of a knowledgeable doctor, investigator/consultant, remediation professional, and rebuild contractor. With our extensive contacts throughout the indoor air quality and restoration industries, Wonder Makers is in an excellent position to help assemble such a team.

2. What, exactly, can you do for me when you are not located in my city?

Usually, collecting information is not a problem; making sense of the data and developing a workable action plan is the hard part. Our evaluation process reviews and utilizes the existing information to determine appropriate next steps. Although it is sometimes necessary to address critical gaps in knowledge with sampling or physical investigations, generally we can work with the available evidence to identify remediation/repair steps that complement medical treatment. Our goal is to make your home a refuge from the contaminants that are triggering your symptoms, so you can heal.

3. Do you work with local consultants and contractors?

In almost every instance people who are seriously sickened by mold need a team of experts to properly resolve the situation. Given the overwhelming nature of these types of problems, it adds additional stress if the individual is forced to do all the legwork to assemble a team that includes a knowledgeable doctor, investigator/consultant, remediation professional, and rebuild contractor. With over thirty years of involvement in the safety, health, and indoor air quality industry and over twelve years of teaching mold remediation courses for the Restoration Industry Association, we know the best professionals. A crucial part of a case evaluation is to provide referrals to reputable restoration contractors in order to build a team from your area that can help you put your house in order.

4. I am overwhelmed. Where do I begin?

Contact Wonder Makers and set up a consultation to help you prioritize the steps to address your specific concerns. It is best if you begin by preparing the items listed under Documentation Review above so that you can email them to Then call us so that we can ask some basic questions about your situation and set up a case evaluation with one of our experienced professionals. In order to maximize the impact of the telephone discussions, the submitted items will be reviewed prior to the consultation.

Documentation Review

Examples of background information to provide:

  • Historical information
  • Timeline of events
  • Photos
  • Diagrams
  • Inspection reports
  • Contractor scope of work
  • Laboratory data
  • ERMI sample results
  • List of questions



Case Evaluations are prepaid at $250/hour.
A typical evaluation is 1 1/2  - 2 hours, including:

  • Document review
  • Phone consultation
  • Additional questions and follow-up via email or phone are also billed ($65 minimum charge; $250/hour; 15 minute increments)