Find out what's in the air you breathe

Wonder AirWonder Air Machine
Do-it-yourself air sampling machine rental

  • An easy-to-use, do-it-yourself air sampler with complete instructions.
  • Laboratory analysis of samples (two are included in the cost) tells what types of mold spores are in the air and how many there are. Particulates and pollen are also quantified.
  • An understandable explanation of analysis data included in report.
  • Fool-proof collection of two samples simultaneously (indoors and out-of-doors comparison).
  • Timed to run for 10 minutes then automatically shut off.
  • Additional cassettes are available for $65 each.
  • Machine can be shipped or picked up.
  • Seven business day turnaround on sample analysis. Rush analysis available for additional cost.
  • Click here for a Wonder Air instructional video.

Cost: $250 - includes rental of the pump and analysis of two air samples

To rent the Wonder Air, please call 888-382-4154


IAQ Home Survey

IAQ Home Survey is simply the most powerful analysis technology ever developed for monitoring home air quality. IAQ Home Survey monitors for hundreds of airborne chemicals, called VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, that may be present in your home.Home Air Check

The average person spends more time in their home than at work or school, so it is extremely important to know the quality of the home air. With just one inexpensive test, homeowners and potential home buyers have the ability to monitor and assess the level of air pollutants within the home. Even low levels of VOCs and mold can cause serious heath effects, particularly to children and those who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Cost: $325 - includes rental of the pump and analysis of one air sample

To rent the IAQ Home Survey, please call 888-382-4154

On-Site Project Coordination


Wonder Makers Environmental, Inc. offers educational programs designed to equip professionals who deal with indoor air quality issues, lead hazards and abatement, and asbestos inspection and abatement.

Additional educational programs are available, including programs custom-designed to meet your specific needs.

Class location varies and may be adjusted to accommodate registrant needs. For class schedules or additional information call: 1-888-382-4154, or email