Indoor Investigations for Air Quality

The team at Wonder Makers Environmental has conducted indoor air quality investigations in homes, schools, offices, factories, and more. Each investigation begins with careful planning. Next steps include interviews, visual inspection, chemical and biological sampling, and temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide measurements. Finally, we analyze all the information and prepare a comprehensive, yet practical, report.

Adverse health effects related to indoor air quality can have a variety of causes. Identifying actual causes and recommending realistic fixes demands a broad-based but common sense approach. Taking this sort of approach, we develop investigative steps and sampling schemes that protect both the health of the building occupants and the investment of the building owner.

Wonder Makers Environmental offers industrial hygiene services including:

  • Initial indoor air quality surveys
  • Hazard assessments
  • Chemical exposure monitoring
  • Electro-magnetic frequency surveys
  • Hazard communication compliance assessments
  • Comprehensive safety and health program audits

Broad-spectrum sample collection and analysis
Indoor air quality complaints and inspections frequently uncover sources of contaminants that need to be identified and resolved. Wonder Makers Environmental has the expertise to follow up these situations with appropriate sampling and data interpretation. Whether the issue is electro-magnetic fields, aircraft de-icing fluid, pesticides, vehicle exhaust, paint, or production by-products we match common sense with good science to collect the right samples that answer the question or concern.