Indoor Investigations for Mold

Adverse health effects related to indoor air quality can have a variety of causes. Identifying actual causes and recommending realistic fixes demands a broad-based but common sense approach. Taking this sort of approach, we develop investigative steps and sampling schemes that protect both the health of the building occupants and the investment of the building owner.

We tailor project designs to meet the specific needs of individual sites or industries.

Critical attention to technical developments and substantial real world experience allow the project designers at Wonder Makers Environmental to meld new technology with proven techniques. This results in well-designed projects that combine good science and common sense to yield good value.

Mold Remediation Evaluation Service

The service
Whether you are a remediation contractor or the building owner/manager, it's up to you to be pro-active in confirming that your mold clean-up was completed properly. Our Mold Remediation Evaluation Service - one of the best tools available to accomplish this - involves shared responsibility. Your part:

  • Set goals for a well-executed project. Decide what "clean" means. You'll know what you're aiming for before you even start.
  • Collect post-remediation air samples after conducting a visual inspection of the work area.

The expertise
Our part:

  • Provide you with Post-Remediation Evaluation Criteria for use in determining goals.
  • Provide clear instructions for collecting air samples. We even tell you what equipment you'll need and how to use it.
  • Analyze your samples in our laboratory.
  • Interpret the data using comparison to the Evaluation Criteria. If your samples don't prove success we tell you why, and make recommendations for achieving your goals.
  • Provide documentation that proves the success of the mold remediation.

The science
Our laboratory team is experienced in analyzing non-cultured bioaerosol samples. We wrote the industry-accepted WMI Protocol for Bioaerosol Sampling. Uniquely, all sample data produced in our labs is interpreted for the client by field-experienced specialists - we don't simply send you numbers.

The equipment
We offer air sampling equipment that is particularly suited for collecting post-remediation samples. The widely-used Wonder-Air is an easy-to-use system that collects non-cultured bioaerosol samples. We also offer sample cassettes with prepaid analysis and quantity discounts.

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