Indoor Investigations for Mold

Adverse health effects related to indoor air quality can have a variety of causes. Identifying actual causes and recommending realistic fixes demands a broad-based but common sense approach. Taking this sort of approach, we develop investigative steps and sampling schemes that protect both the health of the building occupants and the investment of the building owner.

We tailor project designs to meet the specific needs of individual sites or industries.

Critical attention to technical developments and substantial real world experience allow the project designers at Wonder Makers Environmental to meld new technology with proven techniques. This results in well-designed projects that combine good science and common sense to yield good value.

Post-remediation Evaluation Service for Mold Cleanup

Asbestos identification and control is an area where Wonder Makers Environmental has a long history of successful projects. All aspects of asbestos management can be handled through Wonder Makers, from inspection through final clearance.

Site inspections for asbestos-containing materials are conducted by qualified, certified and trained Wonder Makers field staff personnel utilizing the Wonder Makers Asbestos Bulk Sampler tools. This sampling system enables sample collection with a minimal amount of exposure to the inspector or the environment.

Bulk sample analysis of suspect materials is conducted at laboratories that are certified by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA). The analytical staff maintains proficiency through regular testing and monitoring. The results of quality control efforts are compared in-house and with other laboratories. All analytical reports clearly identify which material contain asbestos, and provides identification of other fiber types (wollastonite, fiberglass, mineral wool, nylon, etc.) present in the samples. Recommendations for the control of asbestos-containing products are included as part of the documentation.